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Bill O' Grady

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March 5 Exploring Female Delinquency Early ViewsPrior to the late 60s and early 70s oNot much material on female delinquency most attention with male delinquency within the context of social class oFemales were ignored as both victims and as offenders and if they were not ignored there crimes were thought to be expressions of something pathological oPathology has two sourcesbiological women are born to commit crime or psychological women commit crime because of early childhood trauma oFocus was on the individual female Lombroso oPeople are born in the criminal state oWomen who committed crimes had masculine traits oDelinquency was not a category during his time and thus he looked at women and not girls1970sthe era when the focus on females became pronounced WI Thomas1920s and 1930sA psychological and social disorganization looking at social pathology pathology became more macro perspective on female offending Began to look at girls who were under the age of 20 Delinquency that was female was mostly seen or understood as sexual delinquency status offences oTheir delinquency was sexualized Female prostitution was seen as the largest group of social deviance At the time it was mainly males studying females These girls were a product of their times Looked at girls as being unadjusted oBeing unadjusted led to crime He interviewed and talked to females who were in custody as a result of their delinquency oGirls who were in jails group homes etc Thinking at the time was that prostitution was seen as being in some respect functional to society structural functionalism oSees society as a biological organism oIt is believed that prostitutes were and continue to be a fairly stigmatized group oProstitution was functional it that it kept the family intactIt prevented adultery it was a legitimate outlet for sex for men men would not develop a committed relationship with a prostitute
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