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University of Guelph
SOC 3730
Michelle Dumas

January 17, 2013 – SOC 3070 – DUMAS, M. CRIME CONTROL - GOALS - protection - deterrence - punishment - justice o being efficient – as many people to come through the system as possible – viewed as an assembly line - speed o cases to be quick and final – fewer problems within the system - fact finding CRIME CONTROL - ASSUMPTIONS - punishment - presumption of guilt - officials - errors - legal rights - administration of justice Crime Control - decisions - challenges - discretion - judges CRIME CONTROL – POLICIES - police officers - correctional facilities o more arrest, more facilities - sentences o sentences are longer – need space to keep people - death penalty - deterrence R. v. Hall (2002 SCC 64) - first degree murder - stabbed female 37 times - Supreme Court - appealed – against charter rights - denied – wanted to maintain confidence in the public and trust in the administration of justice DUE PROCESS – GOALS - protection - prevention - legal rights January 17, 2013 – SOC 3070 – DUMAS, M. o to accused and law-abiding persons - wrongful conviction o state needs to correct and clear immediately – correct system so it does not happen again – compensation - emphasis DUE PROCESS- IMPLEMENTATION - treatment - presumption of innocence o innocent until proven guilty - officials o monitored so that they don’t abuse their power DUE PROCESS… - wrongful convictions o David Milgaard – wrongly convicted - officials - crime control - rights - legal guilt DUE PROCESS – POLICIES - limitations - legal professionals o control activities - fairness o can look to see all accused persons treated fairly and equally PUBLIC PRESSURE - liberal democracy - agents of social control - explanation - USA (1997-2002) o Rate of convicted persons going to prison, went up by 137% in that period of time vs. abou
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