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Lecture 4

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SOC 3730
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 4 READINGS – SOC3730 – GREEN CH. 3 (65-68) & CH. 4 (88-93) + online CHAPTER 3: (65-68) - COURT SUPPORT STAFF o Important they be representative of Canadian society  1) they represent the public face of the courts  2) all Canadians should feel that they have an equal opportunity to work in the courts o in 1996, 14,125 persons were reported to have been working in these court support occupations o GENDER  Two-thirds of court support staff are women  61% of administrative staff are women, 81% of court clerks and 93% reporters  nearly all sheriffs and bailiffs were men  women reporters earned on average about $30, 000 while men earned about $43,000 doing the same job o ABORIGINAL PEOPLES  About 2% in 1996 of court support staff were aboriginal  Court support services are now much closer to being representative of Aboriginal Canadians than the judiciary  Earned less money  About 77% of the Aboriginal people working in the courts had 2+ years of postsecondary education compared with about 74% of court personnel in general  Aboriginal Canadians represent about 3% of Canada’s police forces, meaning that t
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