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SOC 3730 Lecture Notes - Sexualization, Legal Aid, Connotation

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SOC 3730
Michelle Dumas

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SOC 3730 - March 21, 2013 [ Week 10 Lecture ]
Media and Juveniles
Semiology (linguistics)
- Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913)
- Semiology
o Langue
o Parole
o Media texts
o Relation of sign (referent)
Socially constructed
o Dependent on language
Star (could be a celebrity, could be something bright in the sky)
- signifier
- signified
- culture and history
o what we understand about a word today will be different 50 years
from now, 100 years from now. Words we use now may not have even
existed 50 years ago.
- Denotation
o Referring to what’s on surface, set of signs, the language, the signifier
- Connotation
o Refers to those things that are signified, our mental concept of things,
looking at the subjective level, look at the way in which is can be
(Critical) Discourse Analysis
- Discourse
o Term we use to look at series of communicational processes the way
in which stories are told or things are written about
- forms of representation
- 1) social life
- 2) social structure
- Foucault (1926-1984)
- Ideology
- Symbolic representation
- Cultural factors
- Media discourse of fear (crime)
- Impact of message
- Process and consequences
- deconstruct patterns
- stereotypes
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SOC 3730 - March 21, 2013 [ Week 10 Lecture ]
o femininity females being more nurturing, helpful, kind, that they
should stay at home biologically able to give children so that gives
them a better disposition (that is the stereotype) ideal victim
o masculinity protect home, work, provide for family more
- ideology
o bad girls have sex and good girls are virgins (what the hell does this
have to do with courts? WHY AM I EVEN HERE.)
- court and popular culture
o men typically more in charge within crime shows
Five Themes in Representation of Race/Ethnicity
- (1) under-representation
o if you are non-white, it typically implies inferiority giving white
people privilege
- (2) stereotypes
- (3) as problem
- (4) assimilation
o historical how they were excluded in the past
- (5) adornments
o they are linked to role as the exotic other, especially African American
female who are often over-sexualized they become an exotic
- discourse of immigration
Transmission Questions
- What message(s) does one derive from popular culture?
- What meanings are possible?
- Messages produced, transmitted, and/or received
- Prosecutors
Pre-Trial Publicity
- Media provides information about accused or victim before the trial - media
frames the offender as if they are already guilty stories seem as though the
person is already guilty
- constitutional rights
o freedom of press Canada and US press has freedom to report on
things as they see fit
o right to a fair trial having people not have presumptions about you
and the case before it is tried in court
- research
- reading
Media and Crime
- types of crime
o older people = watch tv
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