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courts and society

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University of Guelph
SOC 3730
Sarah Ciotti

January 112012 Courts and SocietyHow the Courts are OrganizedFour levels in Canada1 Provincialterritorial2 Provincialterritorial superior courts and federal court 3 Provincialterritorial courts of appeal and the federal court of appeal4 Supreme court of CanadaProvincialTerritorial courtso Deal with preliminary inquiries hearings used to determine if there is enough evidence for trial in serious criminal caseso Hear cases involving federalprovincial territorial laws o Deal with most criminal offencesfamily law matters except divorce youth court matters traffic violations and claims involving moneyo Many courts at this level are dedicated to certain things ex domestic violence courts drug courts etcy Specialized courts have more knowledge on specific issues and results in quicker outcomesProvincialTerritorial Superior Courtso Have inherent jurisdiction can hear cases in any areao Most serious criminal and civil caseso Also has special divisions in most provinces and territories ex family divisiono Act as a court of first appealo Judges are appointed and paid by the federal governmentCourts of Appealo Hears appeals from superior courtso Each province and territory has oneo Usually involves a panel of three judgeso Hears constitutional questionsThe Federal Courtso Appeals are heard by the federal court of appealo Jurisdiction includes interprovincial and federalprovincial disputes property proceedings citizenship appeals and casing involving crown corporations or departments of the government of Canada
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