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SOC 3730
Sarah Ciotti

February 292012 Courts and Society VictimWitness Assistance Program Laurie Rooneyo Court based branch of the ministry of the Attorney Generalo Role provide victims and witnesses of serious crimes with assistance and information throughout the entire CJS enhance their experience and promote participation ex Testifying at trialo Guiding principle victims bill of rightsy Ensure victims of crime are treated fairly with compassion and receive accurate information about their court caseo Being involved in the criminal justice system as a victim or witness is not a good experience for individuals often making them feel revictimized These programs are meant to make the process less stressfulo Program is involved throughout the hold process where charges have been laido Assistance includesy Court updatesy Why things have been adjournedy Referrals to counsellingy Arrange appointments with the Crown Attorneyy Tours and preparation to testifyy Arrange inter
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