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SOC 3730
Sarah Ciotti

March 72012 Courts and SocietyFacebook Online Security Sergeant Douglas Pflug o The Guelph police service supports a full social media platform in their information sharing with the communityo Constantly reviewing out security settings to ensure that social media communications are UncompromisedProfessional AccurateEmployers admit checking facebook before hiringo Increasing numbers of employers are checking out potential staffs social networking profileso 20 of companies admitted to checking out candidates profiles in 2012o A further 9 said they planned to start reviewing potential employees social networking pages in the futureo 24 of employers had hired a member of staff based on their profileso 33 had also decided not to make a job offer after reviewing the content on a profileo the use of drugs or drinking and the posting of inappropriate or provocative were identified as reasons for not hiringo College coaches also look at profiles as part of the recruiting processWhat can we doo websites like123peoplecom repplercom and takethislollipopcom show how much of your information other people have access to and what negative things your profile haso enable secure browsingo request notifications be sent to you when a new device logs in to your facebooko default privacy settingsSocial Media in PolicingWhat is social mediao A set of internet tools that enables shared community experiences both online and in person Social media allows people with basic computer skills to tell stories using publishing tools such as blogs video logs photo sharing podcasting and wikiso Who is your typical user 1225 biggest segment 4575 fastest growing segmento Growing problem with kids under 18 sexting
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