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SOC 3740
C Yule

SOC 3740 Corrections and Penology: Sept 9, 2013 Week 1 Lecture 1  The history of punishment What are we trying to accomplish when we punish? Can we punish and rehabilitate at the same time?  Experiences on the inside What are the “pains of imprisonment?” How are the practices of punishment gendered/racialized? Why is it important to protect prisoners’ rights?  Life after prison Very important to think about what it is like after you leave prison Likelihood of success of maintaining a non-criminal life What are the major barriers to reintegration? How does risk management shape the parole process? Are there good alternatives to incarceration? “Why the public should care about prisons” (Toronto Star, June 2013)  The care of the prisoners is paid for by taxpayers so we should care about where are money is going  We should focus on their care and well being because if they are treated badly then its just going to cause a problem when they get out of jail  Just the fact that they still have rights as a person  Lives of the correctional officers are impacted if its an unhealthy environment to work in, can effect everyone  Problem of misuse of force by guards Why study corrections & punishment?  Enormous amount of tax dollars are paid on prisons so we should know exactly what goes on  Public and elected officials are interested  A lot is hidden about what happens in prisons and controlled  The number of clients processed and managed by the system is increasing  The availability of jobs in the criminal justice system is increasing so we should know what is going on  Almost all individuals who are incarcerated are eventually released into the community so we want to make sure that we are not putting people in an environment that is actually going to make them more likely to re-commit  Punishments role in our modern society is not obvious or well known, it is problematic and poorly understood aspect of social life. Its ambiguous.  We need to know what punishment is in order to think about what it can and should be Corrections in the news...  “Corrections Canada changes rules for medical emergencies after inmate death” (April 2013)  “Corrections Canada seeks a single provider for prison chaplaincy services” (April 2013)  “Ashley Smith inquest: Did difficult inmate belong in jail of a psychiatric facility?” (March 2013)  “Canadian prisons ‘out of step’ on solitary confinement” (March 2013)  “Canada failing Aboriginal inmates” (March 2013)  “Number of prisoners who sel
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