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SOC 3740
C Yule

1 of 2 September 9/2013 SOC*3740*01 Corrections & Penology Why Study Corrections and Penology o Why should the public care about prisons?  Incidents that happen in custody can have long term consequences on the individual  Paid for by tax payers- it's in our best interest to know what's going on  Effects on recidivism rates  Issues of morality  Many people are employed in correctional institutions - the circumstances inside prisons impacts them as well  The public and elected officials are interested in corrections  What happens inside custody is largely hidden and should therefore be studied to be further understood  The number of people being processed and managed by the system is increasing  Almost everyone who goes into an institution eventually comes back out into the community  Punishment's role in our modern society is not obvious or well known. It is a problematic and poorly understood aspect of social life- punishment is ambiguous  We need to know what punishment is in order to think about what it can and should be o Inmate Collin's  Suffered from brain damage from childhood  October 2010 - Ottawa detention centre: lock down, tried to leave his sell, 7 seals "threw him to the ground" and restrained him  had multiple injuries, looked like he was pummelled, not just restrained  an investigation was launched and found that that the guards were out of line and that misuse of force is not uncommon in prisons  culture of silence: the guards don't speak about it, the inmates aren't allowed to speak about it Corrections in the News o "Corrections Canada changes rules for medical emergencies after inmate death" - April 2013 woman calls for help for over an hour before officers respond, later dies in hospital o "Corrections
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