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Lecture 6

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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

Week 6 - Media Police Effectiveness and Media - General Findings (Dowler)  Police often over dramatized/ romanticized by fictional TV crime dramas o Majority of crimes solved, suspects apprehended  Media portray police as heroic/ professional crime fighters o Exaggerate proportion of offences resulting in arrest, image they are more effective than stats demonstrate o Reporting of proactive policing creates an image of police as effective/ efficient investigators of crime  Study reveals regular viewing of crime drama is not significant related to perceived police effectiveness  Print media as the primary sources of crime news/ hour of tv watching are not significantly related to police effectiveness  Find that perceptions of police effectiveness not related to media consumption o Supports limited effects model  Social factors mitigate effect that media portrayals have on viewer  Those with prior contact, there is a relationship between tv viewing/ perceived police effectiveness o Those who watch more tv more likely to rate police ineffective  Those who report high number of problems in neighborhood more likely to give negative evaluations  Rave is not significantly related to perceived police effectiveness Themes in quotes about crimes - Primary and Secondary Definers, Ideology of Crime (Welch et al) Primary and Secondary Definers  Primary Definers; o Law enforcement official - in locating answers about the role that police play in shaping the public image o Succeed in establishing the terms of reference from which all discussion of crime emanates; in fact, even dissenters must at the very least acknowledge the dominant ideology's prominence at the center of discourse o Medias reliance on primary definers is a matter of structure  Secondary Definers; o Professors and non-academic researchers - non official interpretations of crime Ideology of Crime - Themes of Expert Quotes 1. Statement confirming that crime (and fear) is a problem o Largest number og quoted statements o Nearly half the time journalists rely on state managers to confirm crime as a problem 2. Statements serving as technical remarks o Second largest
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