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Lecture 2

SOC 3750 Lecture 2: Week 2 History And Cases in Court

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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Patrick Parnaby

SOC3730 Week 2: History Cases in Court (statistics) Crime Control Goals Protection Protection of lawabiding persons against criminals; difference between criminals and noncriminals Deterrence Deter crime and lower crime as much as possible Punishment Deterring crime through punishment; preference for punishment under this model is prison Justice Getting criminals off the street and do this quick as possible, get people in and out of prisons Speed Quick, final: Dealing with this quickly is a deterrent for people not to commit crimes in the future Fact finding Factual guilty; less evidence is required, illegally obtained evidence to get criminals off the street because thats the main priority If we have to break laws in order to get criminals off the street, its justified Assumptions: o Punishment Deters people from committing crimes o Presumption of guilt If police identify you as responsible for a crime, then you are responsible for the crime o Officials They dont make mistakes, if police arrest you, you must have committed the crime. We trust officials because they want to protect us o Errors No errors occur o Legal rights Minimizing rights of accused because these rights interrupting legal processes allows people to go to prison o Administration of justice Separating criminals from lawabiding people makes for better order. If there is a conflict, protecting society is favoured. Decisions Everyone is treated the same as they go through the system Challenges A few errors; we dont want many challenges because it makes the system insufficient Discretion Support discretion used by police and judges because their discretion is justifiable Judges Serve the same sentences for the same crimes every day; they treat everyone the same
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