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Lecture 3

SOC 3750 Lecture 3: Week 3 The Courts and Supreme Court

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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Patrick Parnaby

SOC3730 Week 3: The Courts Supreme Court Court and Trials Media Influence How people perceive trials in general is influenced by the media; less than 10 of criminal charges end up in trial, but most people believe you get arrested and you immediately go to court Trials 10 percent of all cases go to trial, some years its low as 7 percent. The other 90 percent Use of pleas Some people plead guilty from the start. Most peoples lawyers tell them not to plead guilty until they meet with the Crown. Pleading guilty allows the accused to get something in return Alternatives No alternatives yet, all cases go to court Function of Court Could be more crime control or due process; can lean in either direction Structure of Canadian Courts Objective Measures The bottom are the provincial courts; based on complex issues and the most effective solution Types: o Lower courts All provincial and territorial o Higher courts Traffic, family, municipal; deal with indictable cases; supreme court of Canada, which is at the very top Nunavut Court of Justice New court Different than any other court system in any province or territory; used to be part of the NWT Jurisdiction Jurisdiction over provincial and federal Judge Only one judge over the entire territory Court type (on circuit) Court travels to the person; only court we have that moves Interpreters Hired in the community where the court is taking place so the people there can have someone to interpret if their first language is not English Military Courts National Defence Act Rules that govern the military courts Canadian forces Only Canadian force or military people will have access to these courts Civilians May participate as well, but mostly must be a part of the force andor military Military Appeal Court Only hears cases heard in military court; has a panel of 3 judges that will decide Tax Court (Federal) Tax Court of Canada Act Regulated under this act; its new Defendants Individuals or organizations or corporations
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