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Lecture 2

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 2 Lec 3 Tues Jan 15. Current Events - Police chases o Headlines - Pursuit (occurrence) o Mental state: changes, state of involuntary autism o Focus: lose focus of everything else o Memory: don't remember anything but the pursuit o Physiology: over production of adrenaline, no control over own actions once catch suspect - Problem Role of Police - Evaluation and Policy: know if effective - Definitions - Vagueness - Impossible mandate o Contradiction: extreme form of authority/power over others and are legally able to use force (want to use when appropriate) at the same time want to engage in public service (be good reps/citizens) and help others with their everyday lives  Need to know when/how/how much force to use o Perceived role o Personal crisis: hard to balance job (no training for that), addictions, - Evaluation: should have clearer roles so can evaluate Police Exist to Use Force - E. Bittner (1970) - Role of org: isolate each group, see what aspects make that group unique o Police do - Role o State o Social order: w/o force social order may not be able to exist Role of Police - Law enforcement o Application of law: usually only ones responsible, trained in - Order maintenance (80% of the time) o Routine activities: takes up most of time, noise complaints/traffic violations (ensuring public peace) o Right VS wrong - Public service o Examples Why Become a Police Officer - Humanitarian 1 WEEK 2 Lec 3 Tues Jan 15. - Reality: adventure - Nature of job: extreme boredom to terror Occupational Prestige - Decent pay w less edu - How we perceive the occupation - Message: valued and looked up to in society - Variables - Scores (1970s) o Explanation
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