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Lecture 2

WEEK 2 Lec 4 Thurs Jan 17 -- Race, Ethnicity, Sex.docx

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

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WEEK 2 Lec 4 Thurs Jan 17. Race, Ethnicity and Sex - Numbers: 20% women, Stats Can doesn’t give stats for minority rates - Issues: sexism and racism (espesh among older officers) – and they are in the hiring process so choose more white males - Skepticism: ppl of minorities skeptical about joining and don't see police as a legit job b/c worse relations w the police, skeptical of if they are wanted in the force o Visible minorities o Women: see impact on their marital relations, more likely to leave  Performance : need to be strong and agile, women may feel they don't possess, women have better public relations Representative Recruiting - For o Reflection of public they serve, can bring concerns of a particular community to the service, publicly funded institutes should reflect the public they’re working for o Diversity : breads tolerance and respect from others - Critiques o Additional burden: pressure to represent, feel they have to make positive changes in policing b/c theyre there , greater stress o Logistical concerns: not necessarily police their community or the same area all the time o Raising police profile VS “selling out” Police Training: Basic Training - Training: 1) Independent adult training: RCMP academy, Ontario police college 2) Mixed training: Sask Police College, PEI 3) Broad-based training: 4) Fully integrated approach: 2 yrs in crim justice or related program before moving onto basic training (common in QC) - Criticisms of basic training o Length of time: ON 13 weeks  some believe cannot learn necessities in that span o Isolation: common in US, completely isolated and put in training, lack of real world experience o Paramilitary: no longer appropriate espesh since moving to more community related policing o Technical skills: not as much ppl skills, physical more so, have incorporated in sensitivity training o Stress: maladaptive coping strategies  Social distancing: expected to but causes addiction problems as a coping strategy Organizational Philosophies o What they value/motto - “force” VS “service”: started in 1980s - Organizational philosophies: together give them their appearance to others - Relship to recruitment & training 1 WEEK 2 Lec 4 Thurs Jan 17. - 1980s shift: public relations move, seen negatively and wanted to change it, sounds less forceful/negative o Semantics  Community policing (proactive): move towards more proactive policing, most is still reactive though - Police as drama Policing: Organizational Philosophies - “Service”
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