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Lecture 3

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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 3 Lec 6 Thurs Jan 24. Organization and Subculture Conti (2009) - Methodology - Moral career - Reintegrative shaming o Always done infront of peers (never private) o Rules o Recruit (civilian) o Instructors (importance) Police Subculture (Values) - Police/policing: only true crime fighters, so no one else understands the nature of police work - Loyalty: have to colleagues is paramount, key to surviving the job, protection from other officers, also referred to as “blue wall/code of silence” - Rules: need to be bent in order to fight crime., impossible to beat war on crime w/o bending the rules - Public: seen as unsupportive, diff b/w public & other police, “us VS them” - Work (role): Adventure & Machismo - Stories told to rookies about adventures of policing - Occurrence: thrills& spills of policing, create tough image for self - Currency: o Rookies VS experience - Concern: yes if has impacts on issues of public safety or encourages ppl to be violent w the public, lack of experience can make them think they also need to behave this way o Safety o Station : lack image b/c not in field - Functional: create basis for developing common ground b/w coworkers, solidarity, learn what to do (or not do) o Risk awareness Waddington (1999) Police (Canteen) Sub-Culture - Findings (conduct) o Police stories - Subculture and dominant culture o Backstage - Problem Police VS Other (Binary Moral Order) - Police subculture division - Real world: considered lower - Moral order and professional identity: have to see others as diff from officers 1 WEEK 3 Lec 6 Thurs Jan 24. - Training (sensitivity) - Academics - Functional: desensitize b/c see the worst, but also don't want them to become jaded o Sometimes isn’t b/c they also need to deal w harmless citizens, may treat them as hostile Loyalty (Collegiality) - Commence: brotherhood, 80% male, o Starts in training (long periods of time together) - Enforce o Nolan  Common phrase: vigorously resisting attempts o Enemy: Worst-talk to media (expose to public) o Gendered: masculine & heterosexual, women feel not as protected & bonded – don't fully trust male colleagues in dangerous situations o Division: b/w police and public, notion only police around you can be trusted, can lead to isolation and distrust Loyalty and Masculinity - Status o C
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