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Lecture 6

WEEK 6 Lec 9 Tues Feb 12 -- Media, Crime, Police.docx

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 6 Lec 9 Tues Feb 12. Paper - Lang – discipline VS everyday o Avoid: society, individual, culture o Use person or people instead - Avoid I think or believe  I will argue etc (rather first person) - Plural words (data, phenomenon, media) (need verb agreement – “data are distributed) - Govt sites, stats can, police sites but not counted as 10 sources - Doesn’t have to be just Canadian - Quotes explained for their relevance if used - Can cite more than one author for a sentence/claim when more than one made the same claim - Citations - Intro (10%) o Locate problems to be investigated w/I context of sociological concerns  W sociological thesis  And indication of the specific topic (issues/arguments) to be addressed and how they will be addressed o THESIS ONE SENTENCE o About 5 arguments - Analysis (55%) o Discuss topics as become relevant o Each section (argument) specific link to demonstrating the validity of the thesis o Sociological concepts used – defns of key concepts o Explicit recognition of sociological research*********************************  Social theory - Conclusion (5%) (specific to general) o Past tense o No new data - Presentation/style 20% - Sources 10% o Academic, recent & relevant (social science) – MIN 10 - Can use subheadings Media, Crime and Police Public Arenas Model - Subset of social constructionism - Look at how reality socially constructed and the ways in which social problems crime or deviance is constructed from the media - Competition: carrying capacity o Competition for space so need to compete for story to be told 1 WEEK 6 Lec 9 Tues Feb 12. o Assumes public attention a scarce resource so each public arena has limited carrying capacity so only so much public space available - Principles 1. Drama: vivid and dramatic  More drama more likely to be placed 2. Novelty: new  Cover old story w new spin or evidence etc 3. Culture: rooted in mythic themes  Loss of life 4. Politics: “powerful” sponsors Frame Analysis - Goffman - New stories framed before presented to you, ways to analyze the frame - Help find meaning in issue, reinforce power relations, shape nature of discourse - Entman 4 functions of brain 1. Problem definition
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