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Lecture 6

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 6 Lec 10 Thurs Feb 14. Media, Crime and Police Newsworthiness - Predictability - Simplification o Min parts or themes reduced to – too complicated lose audience - Individualism - Risk o More risk more newsworthy o Focus on b/w strangers o Your risk of being a random victim of a crime o Highlight dangerous geo locations - Sex o Sells crime stories o Over emphasize crimes of a sexual nature o Children not often discussed - Celebrity/high-status - Proximity - Violence o Probs most newsworthy o If it bleeds it leads - Children o More likely covered if murdered than sexually assaulted o If offenders - Conservative ideology Chermack (1995) - Police org & news o Frame stories for the public o Don't talk to media, certain officers trained to talk to - Asymmetrical relationship o Reporter always in inferior position - Objectives - Methodology - Police (as sources) o Ppl believe them, credible source - Newspaper beats o Have journalists at the dept - Beat reporters 1) Documents 2) Telephone 1 WEEK 6 Lec 10 Thurs Feb 14. 3) Scanner 4) Spokesperson - Sources o Police  Hierarchy (chiefs, captain, lieutenant)  Generic attribution - Framing - Stage - Dependency Media and Misconduct - Incidents o Corruption and police misconduct most often - Public attitudes o Race: blacks more likely to believe use of excessive force o Gender: no diff on belief/reports of police conduct o Age: small impact, teens least satisfied w police Media & Crime – T
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