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WEEK 8 Lec 13 Tues March 5 -- Misconduct.docx

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 8 Lec Tues March 5. Police Misconduct (Deviance) Misconduct (Deviance) - Context o Stories w/o explanation in media, make more dramatic - Media (claims makers) o Vested interest o Sensationalism o Politics  Often used to see whether certain ppl need to be removed from positions  Whether politicians should be involved changing policies - “proportionate concern” o Is it just one person or is it a systemic problem or widespread *************Types of Misconduct 1. Discriminatory acts o Typologies, generalizations 2. Noble cause corruption o “trunking: (Klockars)  Throw person into trunk of car o Do something wrong to achieve noble ends 3. Self-interested corruption o Bribes, payoffs, paid to protect ppl, selling drugs etc obtained 4. General misbehaviour 5. Crime o Crime outside of policing job 6. Misuse of force o Excessive: more than needed to apprehend or subdue o Illegal: goes against legal statute o Brutality: serious physical or psych harm w emphasis on being savage or cruel o Deadly o Improper: when seen as unwarranted o Can only use as much force as necessary 7. Failure to respond/protect (under policing) Noble Cause Corruption - Ingredients o Noble cause:[ (justice, equality, safety) o Opportunity: routine activities theory (motivation, opportunity, lack of supervision/guardianship), no one there to stop them o Guilty party: need access to - Public o Believe justice system wont prevail, high expectations 1 WEEK 8 Lec Tues March 5. - Evaluating NCC o Public sees as acceptable as long as not used in low level crime – crime v serious - NCC VS “street justice” o Klockars  Means become the ends  Dedication missing, or misconduct just to misconduct o Restoring moral balance (may have to do w revenge) Misuse of Force - E. Bittner (1980) o How perceived by society o Use of force distinguished police from all else in society - Rule - Use of force o Less than 1% police encounters use force, of that 1% 80% involve modest force - Occurrence (2 conditions) o Resist arrest o When under influence of drugs/alch - Problem – sometimes use as excuse to use force even if seen as unnecessary - Fleeing felon o Officer allowed to shoot a suspect when fleeing a felony (indictable offence) – death penalty applied anyway o In Canada does not apply - Distinction (Skolnick & Fyfe) o 3 conceptual distinctions when looking at force 1. Use of force: necessary & legit tool, no more force th
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