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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 8 Lec . Corruption - NYPD o 1972 Knapp Commission  Criminals  Code of silence o 1994 Mollen Commission  Drug dealers  Code of silence – why the police were successful b/c officers refused to testify against e/o - Toronto (2004) o 14 officers charged for bribery, theft, extortion, purchase and sale of narcotics o Charged, some convicted, some sent to prison - Need for socialization o Differential association – explain white collar and youth criminals  Associate w ppl who teach you how to be conforming or criminal  Techniques learned from the people  Learn via process of communication - Slippery slope o Time o Older corrupt recruit rookies, over time see not a big deal and learn the ropes and soon are doing it themselves - Grass eating o Officers favour kickbacks on a low level and could be starting point for corruption, not necessarily illegal but common and most officers don't see it as a problem - Networks o Communication w corrupted cops o Interaction w networks of criminals ****Causes of Misconduct 1. “Bad apple” Theory o Skolnick & Fyfe – sometimes rotten apples but usually the barrel itself is bad o Bad apple taints the rest, once fired everything will go back to normal o Problem attributed to an individual 2. Sub-cultural explanations o Solidarity o Law 3. Structural explanations o Performance – based on arrests you make/citations given etc.  Mechanism to reward officers can lead to overzealous policing including misconduct issues o Impossible mandate – trying to live up to expectations of the public and your job and living up to what seems impossible can make officers cut corners o Experiences – cops dealing w drugs/gambling have more opportunity to become involved in crimes Citizen Complaints 1 WEEK 8 Lec . - Complaints measurement o Police citizen relations and productivity o Most active cops most likely to receive complaints whether or not more deviant (more opps for someone to be upset by their conduct) - Validity of complaints o Is it valid to use complaints to judge misconduct – look at who is and isn’t complaining - Citizen definition o Police define more narrowly than police, may thing misbehaving when really following exact protocol - Handled by agency o Citizens aware a dept takes seriously will effect decision and will be more likely to file a complaint, if think wont take seriously wont bother - Process & procedures - Victim (complainant) - Officer perception – if officer knows will be taken seriously will fix Social Learning Theory (Chappell & Piquero, 2004) - Police uniqueness o Allows them opportunity for deviant behaviour that most ppl don't have, more freedoms to have access to crime others don't
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