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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK Lec . Risk: What is it? - Defn (common) - Hypothetical o Doesn’t exist, perception of the future, hasn’t happened yet o Info on past has happened so verified and take info and project what will happen in the future - Risk Analysis (RA) and risk management (RM) o Analysis o Policy (RM) Analysis - Reductionism o Simplify o Hypothetical  Example o Identify o Unknown  Some don't fit into the model  Trying to fix unknown can cause problems  If start w belief doesn’t exist can approach - Social and political relations - Value laden construct o Risk simply because value it, value it so don't wanna risk losing it or place it in danger o Cultural  Culture effects how we see the world and what is valuable to us - Organizational rationality - Quote (Peter Manning) o Imagination o Power o Shift RM Strategies 1. Identify Risks 2. Methods o To handle the exposure to identify risk o Via review org policies, supervision, management strategies 3. Response 4. Implement 5. Evaluate U Beck - Cultural - Risk consciousness
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