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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 9 Lec 15 Thurs March 14. *******Risk Analysis What did this involve? - As police - Typology example: crime victim o Actions  Movement to focus on at risk youth for victims and potential offenders o Male b/w 15 & 24, urban setting, from a poor neighbourhood, black - Typology example: risky neighbourhoods o Actions  Skills building, more policing in the area b/c more prone o Urban, inner city, high popn mobility, lower SES, strong predictor of delinquency – single parents and lack of supervision (linked to lower income) Policing: Profiles & Data Collection - Police “knowledge workers” - External demands o Police data used in other areas so must be accurate - Advanced tech - Edu o Directly related to them being knowledge workers - Example (Offence Report Data, 64-91) o 60s – annual basis data compiled and entered into spreadsheets o Increased time filing out reports b/c demand for more data Example 1 : CP as Risk Policing - CP (community policing) - Information- o Gather info, interact w ppl, observe, get info on a particular place o Get sense of if ppl or circumstances are risky o Know when and when not to be suspicious - Become risk experts o Over time - Groups - Identification Example 2: Offence Report Data - Future risk - Forms - Data (access) - Demand o Pressure on police to collect as much data as they can (and accurate) 1 WEEK 9 Lec 15 Thurs March 14. Concerns - Data o Bad data in bad profiles out, not mirror - Discretion - Typologies o Over policing  More likely in poor areas and for black ppl  Over policing re-perpetuates the issue  Young ppl over policed b/c too many were coming into the system - Dark figure of crime o Reflects police discretion more than what crime is actually being committed o Don't have accurate pic, distorted o Police work w street crime so little data on white collar crime, diff ppl targeted - Risk typologies & data - Reification of risk typologies o Less likely to take action w young well off b/c parents will deal w it Crime Maps (Ratcliffe, 2002) - Publishing o More pros than cons to publishing - Question - Spatial labelling o Neighbourhood SFP - Jane and Finch - Public labelling
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