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WEEK 10 Lec 17 Tues March 19.docx

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 10 Lec 17 March 19. Community Policing Community Policing - Definition o Police & community work together to make and use solutions for crime o 3 features  Police community partnership (work together)  Problem solving approach  Decentralization of the org o Tackle issues of social disorder - Role o Order maintenance focus - Community o Defn: real or imagined, live/work/play in a certain geographic area or neighbourhood - Origins of order o Shift that police shouldn’t work against public but someone they can work w o Partnership o Public self policing - Fundamental change o Change in role  Brings about change in status as well Community Policing Values - Partnerships o Social relations  Utilize to have better social relations  Org relations b/w key community figures and police - Solutions & accountability o What needed in specific communities o Accountability to implement these solutions o Focus on low level disorder o Less finger pointing when something goes wrong - Police/community relations o Some places/ppl where this wouldn’t work - Flow of information Public Self-Policing - Informal controls o All prone to criminality but things exerted on us that stop us from committing the crime o Done by ppl in our lives that don't have formal consequences o Maintenance of order done by those in the public/community - RAT o Routine activities theory 1 WEEK 10 Lec 17 March 19. o Explain ways in which were prone to being a victim of crime and for that to happen it requires opportunity and opportunity if suitable target/victim that lacks guardianship o Self aware of community and who the ppl are - Assumption o Trust from the people, trust the institution, trust police will act appropriately Community Policing: Application - Paradox o Police deeper into ppls lives o Issues of bias or over policing o Criticism: use to over police certain groups of ppl - Harris – Good Cops o CP after 9/11  Changed to get info on possible terrorists o Security  Security of ppl more important than these issues and backlash - Bush (Ashcroft) Origins of CP - Innovation (1979-1985) o Crime rates  Highest crime rates for all crimes o Racial tensions & war  Blacks, civil rights movements results o Skepticism  State seen as ineffective an
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