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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 11 Lec 20 March 28. LGBT Community - Research (1960s) o Subculture o Consequences: appears as overpolicing of male sexuality  Some actions police took considered entrapment - Victimization o Reporting  75% not reported and usually b/c of stigma o Hate crimes o Domestic violence - Gender o Police: feel marginalized w/I the system o Victimization - Wales (Williams & Robinson, 2004) o Unprotected by the law o Harassment or discrimination from the police Sexuality & Culture (Wolff & Cokely) - Methods o Content analysis of incident reports, looked at police responses, analyzed data from a helpline to track incidents that should have warranted police action - Crimes o Verbal harassment, intimidation, assault & property crimes - Gender o Men more likely to contact police (64% male 33 female) - Location o Public places assumed but most often in own homes, sometimes direct interaction w police in own home - Police involvement o 1990 – 2000 police involvement did increase - Contact w police o Positive: taken more seriously w professional officer o Negative: denied aid, harassment, intimidation, assault - Police reporting practices o Hard to make police take reports seriously - Misconduct Domestic Violence (Intimate Partner Violence IPV) - Domestic violence o Perpetrators & victims - Private (family) o Anthropology 1 WEEK 11 Lec 20 March 28. o Arrest only when serious injury or death - Effectiveness - Feminist change Mandatory Arrest - Arrest as solution - Training - Mandatory arrest - Variation in arrest o Legal o Non-legal - More likely arrest if married or intoxicated - Consequence Canada (Blaney) - Project o 3 tiered approach  Training strategies, pre training, follow up - Police recommendations o Questions o Issues o As witness o Describing scene
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