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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK 12 Lec 21 Tues April 2 Private Police & Technology Private Policing - Historical roots o Employers th th o Use (19 & 20 cent) - Toronto o Highest rate of use in Canada, ratio private to public 3 to 1 - Growth o Started in 1960s/70s and again in the 90s Growth: Sociological Issues - Service ideology (70s) - Mass privatized space o Examples: casinos - Ownership o Companies employing private policing o Can be transnational - Fiscal crisis (state) - Globalization (neo-liberalism) Illegarde Security - Message - Marketing o Accountability  More to police, insurance companies, to whoever hired them o Apolitical  No political alliances, non unionized o Flexibility Power & Accountability - Public police: rep state, allowed to use force, accountable to the people too, symbolic power to people (ex. uniform, weapon, vehicle) - Private police/security: mandated uniforms appearing police-like, authority to other legal mechanisms related to private property, making citizen arrests, use legal statutes - Government statutes: don't apply to private police - Accountability Conceptualization - Traditional thinking - Pluralist thinking - Public/private distinction Concerns WEEK 12 Lec 21 Tues April 2 - Political economy of security o Marx, further Engels, who owns means of production and how it works in political sphere - Class differences - Security of person - Vested interest Benefits - Economics - Political reality - Localized control Panopticon (Bentham, 1786) - Prison as punishment o Designed prison, max happiness min pain, - Structure o Periphery o Centre o Windows - Supervisor - Prisoners - Functions of the design o Enclose o Deprivation o Eliminate ability to hide - Order through invisibility o Cant see others or supervisor - Effect o Consciousness, didn’t have to be watching all the time b/c believed were - Power o Visibility o Unverifiable - Use of force - Total surveillance - Location o Dense popn centre where physical reminder of consequences - Dataveillance o Surveyed by data produced - Police (question) o Police don't physically have to be everywhere, cuts down costs & need for manpower - Reality o More tech replacing physical ppl Video Surveillance - Media role (effectiveness) - Usage WEEK 12 Lec 21 Tues April 2 o Can be overt or covert, - Costs o Can be cost effective VS having officers or private police watching an establishment - Assumption o Cameras never malfunction or are destroyed and computer systems never crash - Public support Camera & Police - Origins: private policing to avoid shoplifting and employee theft - Clients - Error - Police o More to solve after than to prevent CCTV (Public Places): England - England
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