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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

WEEK Lec . Hours – 2:30 -4 Tips Format - All written require lec material - Start w lecture material first - M/C 25 - Identify/outline (specific), describe/explain - Written qs (medium/2-3 part) (detail) o Choice 4 of 6 (10 each, 400 o 6,7,8,9,10,11 - Total – 65 marks (40%) - Non cumulative 6-12 weeks Week 6: Media - Police effectiveness & media (Dowler 2002) – general findings o Demographics of how ppl perceive police effectiveness - Themes in quotes about crime (Welch) o Primary and secondary definers (know diff)  How relate to police quotes about ideology o Ideology of crime o ******** part of a written q - Newsworthiness values (class) – at least 5/6  know well - Police affect presentation of crime news (Chermak study from class) o Beat reporters – 4 ways w police (also covered in class) Week 7: Protests & Crowds - Models of protest policing – fillieule, dellaporta o Know how defined - 6 points of flashpoint model, include how each defined - 10 ironic outcomes of policing protest (Gillham & Marx ) - Seattle conditions (Gill & Marx) o **** short answer: Specific conditions related to what happened (push capitol hill, tactical positions to block entrances) Week 8: Misconduct - Knapp Commission, Christopher Commission, Mollen Commission (PS 234, also in class a bit) - Use of force (fleeing felon) o Shooting fleeing , Reasons why originally allowed - Civilian review process & citizen complaints (IPC 188-192) - Use of complaints (research on misconduct): problems - Types of misconduct (PS 232-237***detail about types of corruption – focus on misconduct not just corruption – only one part of), IPC 184-187) – 7 types in class - Causees (explanations) of misconduct (PS 230-232, 236) - Police accountability (IPC 193-
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