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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

§ First notable constables from Canada (mainly Ontario) § Court orders carried out in Montreal/QC; more formally organized o Close of 1800’s § Upper Canada trying to be more organized; Constables appointed to actual townships and territories for police § Police given more control than they had before; but still on a volunteer basis § Offenses o Constables § The state; taking responsibility for social order; given legal authority to exercise control over people § Police given authority to use force § Robert Peel à founded the London Metropolitan Police in 1859; “we can never forget that constables are people to, they are citizens of the world in which they police…” ú Distinction between formal organizations of police, and the small communities where police came from (trust worthy) § Should be transparent in actions; and have political neutrality o 1800’s showed need for more police, with urbanization/industrialization § Class relations à brought too many people in one spot (near the border/water); needs to be controlled § Opportunity à bringing working class closer to upper class (creating conflict; need to restore order); also brings opportunity for crime (i.e. black market/prostitution) § Urban sprawl • History of Policing in Canada: Nation building o Identity – becoming our own country; what does it mean to be Canadian? o Social control/size o Began on the East coast, but migrated to the West § Wanted to conquer it in a controlled fashion; wanted police to control conquering land o BNAA (1867) – only four provinces o Federal-provincial divide; federal govt. defines criminal law, but the province pays for enforcing the law o Dominion Police (1868) à protected federal property; Parliament buildings in Ottawa § Known in 1911 as Canada’s Eastern Police Force ; to protect federal property § In 1973 became Northwest Mounted Police; trying to control development in the Northwest area § From there, became known as the RCMP o 20 century § Growth § Centralization, bureaucratization and hierarchy § Technology
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