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SOC*4010 Violence and Society Lecture Note

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

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SOC4010 VIOLENCE AND SOCIETYThurs Jan 1212 IntroductionWhy is a sociological investigation necessary o Folk wisdom and common sense have knowledge academics should explore o Such common sense approaches accept some level of violence as normal and also would not do well with the new or unprecedentedo Weve rejected religious explanations because theyre unverifiable and stepped away from classical freewill approaches o Were left with Philosophical genetic psychological medical Marxist and feminist approachesPhilosophicalo A lot of sociologists dont bother with it Its unempirical about human nature and morality existencebut its deductive thinking faithbased cant prove it o Hannah Ardent does empirical studies on genocide and torture and uses philosophy to make sense of it Shows that you cant START with philosophy it bogs us down o Ayn Rand Objectivists blame irrationality whimworship and sense of entitlement We raised brats hippies with the I want itI deserve it mentality No objective morality o Conservatives blame individual egotism without sufficient punishment and social restraints Need social bonds and punishments Eg Hobbs Leviathano Starting with philosophy bogs us down in deductive and circular arguments about human nature and moralityGenetic o Individualistic also applied to race o Something wrong with them dont blame society o Cesare Lobrosos atavist explanation evolutionary throwbacks does not explain collective violence tho There were eugenics explanations in the early 20 centuryidentifying inferiorsuperior people Led to sperm banks sterilizationso Notions like killer genes and supermale XYY based n small sample sizes entered and left public discourse Labelled children as future killers o Cannot explain changes in rates but reassuring o Recently scientists have proven genetic factors in many mental disorders Genes do matter there is a physical basisbut it still doesnt make you a murderer Psychological o Comforting assumes most are normal o Compares individuals pasts to normality Preconceived normal model But just because your different now doesnt mean you had a different pastnot all abused children grow up to become murdererso No real predictive for society
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