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SOC*4010 Violence and Society Lecture Note

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

Thurs Jan 1912 School Shootings Presentation Masculinity aggrieved entitlement masked suicides sociology of schoolsShould the psychology have been sidestepped Which is more important psych or socio Mark Lepine Victim of abuse identifying with the victimizer he was strong Excluded denied entry to engineering Eric Harrisapplied for Marines got turned down Kasmerikkicked out of military Why dont more graduate students snap Professors pick on them ridicule them to prove their superior knowledge Loans piling up Sense of entitlement being taken away trying to contribute to knowledge Jerked around a lot School shooters are not rebels but innovatorsdenied masculinity shoot people and self so no one can deny they died a real man Breaking social norms of prescribed means to reach socially sanctioned goalUS has a violent past had been glamorized and exaggerated MovieNeed to see violence in terms of various perspectivesculture biology sociology etc Striving for status among males even within groups Biologylow levels of serotonin in violent offenders dysfunction of the prefrontal region of the brain reduced glucose metabolism in the prefrontal cortex more impulsive Prefrontal cortex also associated with arousal measure Social context may interact with underarousal to create violent behavior Environment can cause the biological predisposition eg broken family divorce in first 4 years your more likely to be under aroused
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