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Lecture 2

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University of Guelph
SOC 4030
Reza Barmaki

SOC 4030 Week 2 Sept 16 Lecture 2: Readings: Textbook Ch.2 and the two articles Chapter 2 Overview: The Strain theory ( Anomie) - Robert Merton - Crime in a normal response to pressure - The idea of the American dream and those who can’t Ethnic Succession Theory: - Developed to explain the existence of organized crime - Provides a ladder for disadvantaged groups Social Control Theory: - Travis Hirshi - Why do most people conform to societal norms - Delinquent acts result when an individuals bond to society is weak or broken - This bond is created by enternal and internal restraints - External: o Fear of getting caught for example - Internal: o Those tings within use that tell us its wrong o Conscience or superego - Both internal and external are important to have Psychoanalytic Theory: - Freud - Belief that this isn’t something we are born with, its developed early on - Superego o Unconscious mechanism that provides us with a sense of guilt o Anti-social personality disorder LYNSKEY ARTICLE: - Self Control Theory o General theory of crime o Hirshi and Gottfredson o Low parental guidance = low self control and low self control means you are more likely to engage in criminal activities o Criminality is more or less naturally present o The role of hedonism  Seek pleasure avoid pain o Traits of those with low self control  Impulsivity  Avoid complex tasks  Preferring physical over mental or spiritual  Risk
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