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Lecture 2

STAT 2040 Lecture 2: Lecture #2 Statistics

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STAT 2040
Jeremy Balka

Jan a /201T ter 2. Gatmenng STAT 2oyo. Ch troducti prtant concepts Par Stahshe pes. CA, a measurement e the objects an dividuals taken ts of interest t s the set of au individuals the populati vesti may pe finite or infinite a parou eter is a nurmencae charactoristic of a papas. rts yelacted fo a subset of individuals Saupe s a Statisti is a numericae characterishc. of a sa umple 2.3 Topes of S pling savup can Be no pelessly based inot represempti cf papuaton of nteies sample.. Dr is different from -target pop uation obtained s e 's a voluntary response sample stend to be stro ay biased avoid bia3 by fand sele members of population for our simple rand sampling CSRS) pie Rand 2.3 used to draw an unbiased saupe a ulati e can start bi finite rfinte populations ulatki no member of the pop other uber the samp selected member nar the sa ce of ben replacemen? carred thout in the samh ore than on e ber of populatio camot appear continued. 2 3.2. other Types of Randam Sampling Stratified rand sampling tra sand sampling s conducted with 312s popeladton divided into strata ,the in each Stretta than researchers drew a SES divided clusters f clusters bservatioyal Studies. relationships betw response vari bie is time abe of Interest tue study explanatora variable-explans or buy causes changes response war abu a and Hal issue that affects the interpretation of results in so seruuheme study. oppaaed to an exper rf it Studies in an experi ,researchers inpaare conditrans own parhcipants oburme mert pos bie differences 'n tu respanse veerabe. can much strong r xpert Conchs bervationas studizs do not give strma ewidsmca of a sa relat Ship neared correction does imply causa- on 2 varianes are cefounded if it is possib to ke hair Heuts on the response variibue
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