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University of Guelph
Women's Studies
WMST 1000
Andrew Robinson

OCTOBER 31, 2012 - Guided Reading Question for #101, 108 and 157 are on course link - Writing workshops are online for the second writing assignment (bring in outline) - Reflective Journal number 3 is online Privilege and Oppression: - Our identity positions us within structures of power - We all have privileges and disadvantages relative to others - Intersectionality or intersectional analysis: attends to the ways in which different aspects of our identity intersect in relation to power, privilege and oppression Mythical Norm - The Neutral or generic subject (descriptive) - The standard against which we judge and are judged (normative) Invisibility and privilege: - Race, class, and or gender are visible - Privilege itself remains invisible - Privileged individuals experience analyses of privilege/oppression as “whining” - Gender blind or colour blind approach to equality will erase issues of privileges - What’s missing from this approach? - Power works along lines of difference - We need to look at differences - We also need to look at power Beverly Daniel Tatum: Defining Racism: Can we Talk? - Racism isn’t just prejudice or personal beliefs: you have grown up with
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