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University of Guelph
Women's Studies
WMST 2000
Martina Meyer

Womens StudiesLecture 2 January 15th 2014Women in the Classical AgeWitches and Sorceresses Circe Calypso Helen of TroyHelen was potionmakercategory of character of femininity She didnt need love potion of course but she did make a potion of forgetfulness For the sake of her husband forgets his torments and agonies of his time in the war and mistreatment of his wife when she went off with another man Circe Kirkeroles of women in the Odysseyalong the way he meets Circe his crew arrive on her island they are immediately attracted to Circes voice they cant see her but they hear her singingHas alluring voice but she is a monsterSleeping lions at her feeta woman that controls natureOdysseys men enter her house they immediately feel desire for her and she exploits that weakness She recognizes what they want and offers the men a drink She slips a potion in their drink and turns them into swine pigsConsidered a low life of barn animal Odysseus escapes he is the hero he gets a potion from the God Hermes And when he encounters her he draws his sword Threat of appeal or giving into herHe is still infatuated and stays on the island for a year He completely forgets about going home until his men who he gets Circe to turn back convince him it is time to go Complete power shiftshe is the one with the power In this time it is the norm for men to have all of the powerHe has lost his social status no longer King but consort to Circe and therefore his identity Jan Brueghal Feast of the Nymph Calypso 1616he Odysseusis all alone crew all died along the way7 years Odysseus tells us that he was held a prisoner and he lamented the whole time he was there It was all against his willNymph was no longer pleasing to himCalypso does not want to let him go The other gods Hermes messenger God Zeus have to intervene Hermes is sent to tell Calypso to let him goCalypso lets him has no choice Zeus has commanded it Her power still has to give in but she complains about the double standards when male gods want to have mortal women there is no trouble But just let a goddess be able to do the same thingThis is a malebiased society
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