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Women's Studies
WMST 2000
Martina Meyer

WMST - January 22nd 2014 ▯ Courtly Love - passive (everything is the other person’s job), waiting for her suitor. she can’t really say no to someone offering her attention and devotion. He is the only one working towards it (he has to be the active partner)”Woman have power because they are that object on a pedestal, and you have to question of the ideas of women having all the power - do they have the power?” Therefore they really have no power. - obscures the patriarchal character of western culture - Hugo Beigel - ^ reinforces the divide because it attributes impossible virtues to women, takes away your humanity (not a full person, but rather an iconic image), and then worshipped from afar. What ends up happening with Courtly Love, you are confirming women in a narrow and con-scribed sphere of behaviour. … reinforces patriarchal possession of women ▯ Six “Not so good” things about Courtly Love 1. Unrealistic (typically the relationship was not between husband and wife) 2. Adulterous (although this aspect bothers modern readers more than past readers) 3. Put women on an inaccessible pedestal 4. In some situations, it enabled the knight from reaching his full potential 5. Distraction 6. Suffering symptoms of love ▯ Application to Courtly Love - Woman as property - any moral dubiousness is not the violation of the sanctity of marriage so much as the other man’s affront to the husband’s ownership of the wife. - Women as divinity - courtly love places women on a pedestal (simply for the man to worship) - she is not an individual because any analysis of her stops at her beauty - women as inhuman - when women do act of their own agency, they are ‘mischievou
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