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University of Guelph
Women's Studies
WMST 2000
victoria Kennan

Feminism January1812 658 PM what does that word mean to youPowerful women protests equalityprofemale ugly feminist point of view women ychallenging social norms white angry bitcheswhat do these meanings come from Bhooksfeminism is a movement to end sexism sexist exploitation and oppressionWhat does this meanySEXISMconfines people to their genderTerm coined in the 60sduring the Womens Movementy Expresses a systematic hierarchy typically men are superior to womenyBoth men and women participateyOPPRESSIONputting sexism into action FEMINISM VIDEO 1 women should have the same equal opportunities women rep 53 of population but hold 1 of the wealth ww2 women came into the work force when men went away to war and had to quit when men came back and they got married after ww2 women were supposed to be confined to the household feminist movement struck fear into societyit became a new era make policy not coffee organized for change Govs were forced to acknowledge womens rights equal pay sexual h
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