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lec 4 feb 1

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Women's Studies
WMST 2000
victoria Kennan

Lecture 4 February0112 655 PM Key ConceptRacelike gender race is largely a product of oppressive social constructions Racial identities have been assigned to certain groups in order to create systems of domination y Typical or stereotypical y Racialization as the concept of raceis a social construction it s best understood in terms of social and political processes of rracialization or race making racialization is the process by which relationships social practices or groups come to have racial meanings in society different treatment or dress music based on race accents Caucasiandoesnt actually mean skin color and whiteIt makes white people seem like they have a raceyIts actually offensive as it is multiple races y Macdonald Muslim women and the veil theis social fization on the veil causes neglect on more important things such as womens rights to employment education and the bote further to focus soley on the veil obscu
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