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Lecture 7

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ZOO 2090
Fred Laberge

Lecture 7 ZOO*2090 September 30, 2013 Integument - describe functional variation of the fish integument - discuss the advantages of swimming Integument - composite organ at the interface between the organism and its environment - it varies greatly depending on habitat Basic Structure - epidermis outside - basement membrane - dermis inside - hypodermis Development - ectoderm forms epidermis, mesoderm (dermatome) forms dermis - pigment cells (chromatophorms) migrate from neural crest Epidermis - multiple layers of epidermal cells with stratum germinativum at base and progressive flattening toward the surface (squamous) - contains many unicellular glans (here, mucous and club cells) Dermis - network of fibers (collagenous and elastic) that provide structure - nerves - blood vessels - chromatophores are also found - held together by more diffuse connective tissue - potential to form bone - Chromatopores contain pigment granules responsible for skin color - Colour can change by pigment aggregation and dispersal Functions of Integument - physical barrier  protects against injury, pathogens, desiccation, respiration, excretion, osmotic regulation - thermoregulation (on land) - odours and colours used in courtship of defence Variation Across Groups - number and complexity of glands - differentiation of the stratum corneum - extent of bone development in the dermis Lecture 7 ZOO*2090 September 30, 2013 Glands - Fish: o many unicellular and some multicellular mucous glands  mucus o mucus prevents entry of foreign materials, likely reduces drag and may include substances toxic to predators o other multicellular glands:  photophores (bioluminescence in deep sea fish)  poisonous glands (stingrays) Stratum Corn
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