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Lecture 11

ANTH 1210 Lecture 11: Lecture 11

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

Oc78 Didnt propose theory of evolution proposed an explanation Evolution: change in formshape over time Began at University of Cambridge (student of theology) Religious background Student of natural history Voyage of the Beagle (HMS his majesties ship) Began voyage (believer in concept of fixity of species) 5 years (18311836) British wanted for their imperialism Discoveries in South America: Bones of extinct species of animals (cliffs of great age on coast, similar to living modern species that were smaller) Gradual change in same species of birds as moved from one environment to next Introduced: The concept of change The concept of adaptation On Galapagos Islands, Darwin discovered: 13 previously unknown species of finches Size and shape of beak different (subtle difference) Observes each exploited different foods (what they were eating) Beaks related to different diet Darwin concept of adaptation concluded: 1 ancestral species, modified by nature to fit into different environmental nitches absences of competing species Niche vs. Habitat: Niche What you do (role), eat, etc job Humans have a very wide niche (omnivores) Habitat Where you live, environment where you do that job Large number Arctic to Equator to Antarctica Thomas Malthus (17661834): English Lord House of Lords Father of modern day population studies Introduced: corn (barely) laws 1798
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