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Lecture 23

ANTH 1210 Lecture 23: Lecture 23

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

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lOMoARcPSD987298 Old world monkeys, Apes, Humans Noses are closely spaced Downward flaring nostrils Two superfamilies: 1. Cercopithecoidae (Old World Monkeys) 2. Hominoidae (Apes and Humans) Differences between Cercopithecoidae and Hominoidae: 1. Tail Cercopithecoidae have external tail Hominoidae have internal tail dont need tail because we walk upright (balance) 2. Trunk Cercopithecoidae have longer, narrower trunk shape deeper from front to back Hominoidae have broad chest, with flattened rib cage deeper from side to side 3. Locomotion Cercopithecoidae rest on palms of hand or on finger tips when they move Hominoidae rest of their knuckles or feet 4. Teeth Cercopithecoidae have molars with pairs of cusps connected by crests, not separated by valleys Hominoidae have the Y5 pattern on their molars, separated by valleys Cercopithecoidae: Africa, Asia, Europe (Gibraltar) Exploit wide range of habitats: 1 Tropical rainforests to snow covered mountains 2 Sea coasts to dry desert areas Most successful of primate is Macuque (genus) china, SE Asia, Pakistan, India, Arabia, North Africa, Gibraltar, etc 1 Ex: Baboon 2 major subfamilies: 1. Cercopithecinae
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