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Lecture 26

ANTH 1210 Lecture 26: Lecture 26

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University of Manitoba
ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o82 Movement range is related to living in a complex, tangled environment (where movement from one position to the next may entail or a combination of postures) Each species usually relieves more heavily on a particular type May also represent an evolutionary sequence of locomotion in primates 7 basic types: PrePrimate: Can move quickly on all 4s along tree branches In all directions (up, down, sideways, etc) Ex: tree shrew bones and forearms are linked by mobile joints, 5 clawed digits, long and flexible tail for balance, short forelimbs compared to hindlimbs Prosimian Anatomical features Retained general primitive mammalian body form Long mobile back Muscular hind limbs Tail for balance Shorter forelimbs Forelimb joints with great deal of rotation Lose claws and developed nails (universal primate adaptation to climb) Grasping Quadrupeds Arboreal and terrestrial Moves quadrapedally Includes some lemurs, South American monkeys, and old world monkeys Primitive patterns: thorax is narrow, long tail for balance, joints of the upper limbs are mobile, and digits are long and prehensile New patterns: limbs are equal length, trunk is held horizontal (parallel to ground), shoulder joint allow some lateral motion SemiBrachiators Use arms for support Tend to leap more than branch runners Trend toward less quadrupedalism (use arms more than legs) Anatomical features: chest broadening, back shortening (fewer, smaller, thinner vertebrae), shoulder blade modifies for anchoring of hanging, arms and fingers are lengthened, forelimbs are more mobile (wrist, elbow, shoulder) Brachiation Ex: South Asian Gibbon
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