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Lecture 35

ANTH 1210 Lecture 35: Lecture 35

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

Oc78 600230 MYA Ancient life forms First era of abundant life forms Dominated by fish, amphibians, primitive reptiles Continents are moving 230 MYA plate tectonics (continental drift) Eurasia slightly separated Mesozoic: 23065 MYA Meso Zoic middle life forms Age of the dinosaurs dominated land animal forms Cretaceous period: 13565 MYA: Dominant: dinosaurs and birds Mammals spread throughout Earth and evolved Reptiles: cold blooded vertebrates (do not internally regulate body temperature), and lay eggs (little parental involvement) End of dinosaurs: extinct 65 MYA End of Cretaceous Meteorhit earth(YucatanPeninsulaandGulfofMexico) Mesozoic Cenozoic: Survived and flourished Called the recent period of time Mammals and birds modern descendants of dinosaurs Cenozoic: 65 MYA present Age of flowering plants, mammals and birds Geological: Paleocene: 6554 MYA First major mammal radiation First possible primitive primates (plesiadapoids) Eocene: 5435 MYA Warm tropical climates widespread Modern orders of mammals appear
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