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Lecture 42

ANTH 1210 Lecture 42: Lecture 42

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

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Oc78 Precultural humans: absence of any archaeological record Distribution of earliest Hominins: three groups of sites: South East Central subSahara History of Discovery: 1925 Raymond Dart Professor of Human Anatomy University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) Fossils from limestone deposits Location of site: Taung South Africa Taung: Face of young apelike primate Modern features: Canines, foramen magnum (under skull) Type specimen for Australopithecus africanus Southern Ape of Africa Dart speculated Taung specimen represented a missing link Intermediate form between apes and hominids Reaction: afraid of scholarly reaction if names a hominid No earlier recognized hominids than Neanderthals at the time Reaction = negative Negative because of Piltdown 1912 discovered at Gravel Pit in England Piltdown: Piltdown Man presented as the missing link Larger humanlike brain Apelike jaw primitive Brain evolved first Fit expectations for evolution of humans Europe Brain first (culture), eating apparatus last Piltdown exposed as hoax in 1953 Dating Fluorine C14
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