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Lecture 48

ANTH 1210 Lecture 48: Lecture 48

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o82 Homo habilis = first to use stone tools Paleolithic Divisions: Lower = 2.5 MYA125000 YA Middle = 12500035000 YA Upper = 3500012000 YA Lower Paleolithic Core tools predominated 2 cultures Oldowan pebble chopper Acheulian handaxe What is a tool Means of transferring energy from one object to another E.g. fulcrum, hammer and nail Who makes tools Humans are the only species to make complex tools All great apes have capability to use simple tools Chimpanzee tools clubs, twigs, sponges, rocks, computer board Australopithecus tools no evidence for stone tools Oldowan Culture New technology 2.51.5 MYA actually continues to 100 000 years ago in other part of the world named after Olduvai Gorge Species Homo habilis and Homo erectus Oldowan Tools Stone tools used by Homo habilis included lava cobbles, pebble choppers Very few types of tools Method of production percussion (hard hammer technique) Banging one stone against another Flakes used to remove meat from bones
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