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Lecture 54

ANTH 1210 Lecture 54: Lecture 54

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o982 Terra Amata, France Settlement (cold, glacial episodes) Huts of Homo Erectus Sandy layers, hunts surrounded by stone cobbles with fire pit in center Flakes refitted to cores of stones Tools in huts are different than tools outside huts (Acheulean and Oldewan tools used at same time by same people) Population Size: Huts 13 people 3 m sqperson Neanderthals: Archaic Homo heidelbergensis After 400,000 years ago Geographic regions: Africa, Europe, Asia Brain getting larger (cranial capacity 1200 ml) Fossils look more modern Descended from Homo Erectus More sophisticated tools Levallois Technique First discovered in 1856 Feldhofer cave Many interpretations (Germans, French, Huxley Darwin support for evolutionary theory: our ancestor) Chronology: Neanderthal: 200,00027,000 YA Middle Paleolithic: 125,00035,000 YA Early images of Neanderthal Early renditions of Neanderthals portrayed as brutish and very nonhuman Stooped posture Marcel Boule gets full skeleton of Neanderthal La Ferrassie Classic Neanderthal Different shaped skulls than our own Maxilla massive teeth Prognathic face Heavyrobust Kebara Cave Origins of language 1986
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