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Lecture 53

ANTH 1210 Lecture 53: Lecture 53

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

oS98 Cleaver: Second most common tool Has straight sharp edge Handaxe comes to a point Function: heavy chopping Flake Tools: Most common tools on sites Oldowan tools: after the flakes are removed from the core not shaped Acheulian tools: many flakes are intentionally retouched to produce a more activity specific tool Sharper Used often for one activity Byproduct of core rock Hard Percussion: Oldowan technique Very clumsy technique Dont know how the stone tool is going to turn out Soft Percussion: Acheulian technique Force and direction of blow is better controlled Sharper, thinner flakes finer tools Raw Material: More selective in raw material used for tools Oldowan: any kind of rock was used (ex: granite) Acheulian: to get finer shape tools used onlyspecial kinds of rocks (rocks with fine crystalline structures) These rocks can be chipped without causing the stone to shatter or crumble Other Technological Developments: Fire, clothing, shelters, wood, spears Use of fire: breaks down proteins, warmth, harden tools and defense
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