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Lecture 60

ANTH 1210 Lecture 60: Lecture 60

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

OS98 84 square m (30 people) 40 square m (12 people) 120 square m (40 people) 100 people total Isolated Hut Up and across stream 250 feet Outside fence Earthen lodge Dirt spread over wooden construction human and animal figurines Finger prints 27 000 BP (in baked clay) Dermatoglyphics (science of finger printing) Shaman? Burial in main compound Covered with red ochre Canines of arctic fox held in hands Placed under 2 mammoth scapulae Carefully preserved burial 1948 found womans face carved on small ivory tablets special status burial Colonization of New Worlds: Part I Australia and New Guinea Sahul = Australia and New Guinea 80 km water to cross at last glacial maximum How did they get there? o Didnt have fancy boats early on Height of Last Glacial Period o Island hopping o Dispersed via coast? Earliest colonization o Oldest sites in SE Australia Many date to > 30 000 BP in southern part of continent o Suggests earliest migrations to be 40 TYA Lake Mungo, Australia
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