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Lecture 68

ANTH 1210 Lecture 68: Lecture 68

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

Oc78 Seed remains protected even on ground, until next rainy period After rain cracks open, sprouts and grows Brittle Rachis creates problems for Gatherers: When seed is fully developed and about to be dispersed: Very difficult to gather Sensitive to touch Cannot touch stem without sending seeds flying everywhere All that is left is empty stalk Devoid of seeds Features Necessary for Domestication: Individuals with naked glume and hard rachis Incapable of surviving on their own Makes population Dependant upon humans for reproduction and survival How Domesticated: Baskets Collected loose seeds Recognized variability in rachis and glume form Recognized presence of seeds still attached to stems Selected for next year crop Changed gene frequencies (by collecting and bringing home) to increase hard rachis and naked glume Archaeological Indications of Agriculture: Domestic forms of plants (ex: corn large seeds) Agricultural terraces Irrigation Canals (5000 BC 7000 YA) bring water to places that do not usually have water New technologies (bone tools and grinding stones) Specialized tools (sickles, grinding) Type of animal Gregarious animals (herd animals like to be among other members of their species)
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