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Lecture 74

ANTH 1210 Lecture 74: Lecture 74

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

Oc78 Fortified (walls) 100,000 people Hyperurbanism: >80 urban 8090 of people food producers Cities: centers of religion, craft production, commerce, and protection (more warfare) 3500 BC: fewer and fewer small villages, more people moving to the cities) Irrigation: change in food production Production: increase, more stable Go from rich floodplain soil to salt incrusted desert Irrigation canal construction requires labour and organization Irrigation systems allow for greater productivity Sumerian Religion: Earliest religions Chaos threatens humanity Gods create humans Gods landowners, humans servants Humans impersonate gods in ritual Fear punishment from the Gods Social stratification (what the elite are like) born into a certain social class City of Ur: 2000 graves, 16 of them elite burials (stone chambers with vaulted roofs, filled with elaborate grave goods, humans and animals scarified as part of ritual and put in grave with people) Early Dynastic Period Sumerian Civilization: 30002300 BC 20 city states Each with their own temple and territory Conquer larger and larger areas (city states empires) Language unrelated to any other language in the world today Remnant of another language Area eventually taken over by Babylonians Why Did State Level Societies Develop: Conflict models
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