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Lecture 9

ANTH 1220 Lecture 9: Lecture 9

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

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OS98 Judgment sample: a sample of research informants selected according to how well they represent the larger population rather than on a random basis Key informants: research subjects who are well versed in local cultural knowledge and representative of the larger community Research in LargeScale Societies: Survey research Formal questionnaires Random samples Urban anthropology Not all research in largescale societies is urban o Ex: study of RVers of North America (Dorothy and David Counts) The Anthropology of Anthropology: Reflexive anthropology: the anthropology of anthropology, which focuses on the cultural and political bias in ethnographic research, the impacts of anthropologists on the people they study, and professional ethics o George MarcusJames Clifford Polyphony: the many voices of people from all the different segments and groups that make up a society; a quality of ethnographic writing today that present multiple views of a culture Ethical Issues in Anthropology: Professional guidelines (AAA code of ethics) Respect for human wellbeing Avoidance of harm Informed consent Transparency of research Respect for privacy and confidentiality
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