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Lecture 6

ANTH 1220 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

o82 Examined the moral order of Europe Thought about how our European way of living was different than other parts of the world Turned to missionaries and travelers tales o Issue with relying on these tales: biased, ethnocentric, misunderstood Big problem: relying on somebody elses work second hand data (called armchair anthropology) th 19 century ethnology Ethnological Theory: th Early anthropologists (19 century) Evolutionism (cultural evolutionism): view that cultural variation can be accounted for by different degrees of intellectual progress, leading to different levels of cultural achievement o Lewis Henry Morgan (savage, barbarian, civilized) Diffusionism: view that similarities in culture could be explained by borrowing from a common source o Centers of innovation Ancient Egypt (all the good things in the world started there and slowly spread to the rest of the world) Both view cultural difference as the result of progressive development that is rooted in biology (Biological Determinism) o Try to explain how people behave in terms of evolution, but they could not help the way they behaved, it was expected Rethinking culture and society beginning of the 20 century th Emile Durkheim Social Structure: the integrated assemblage of formal groups and social roles that make up a society Social structure is external to the individual they are studying, but impacts the individual Viewed individuals as the product, rather than the producers of the cultural environment
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