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Lecture 27

ANTH 1220 Lecture 27: Lecture 27

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

OS98 Market economy commodification of resources, land, labour Commodification: taking something with no valueabstract value, and make into a commodity to sell Individualism Industrial agriculture and commercialized farming A (not so green) Green Revolution in India: Pesticides + chemical fertilizers = higher crop yield They also create land degradation, chemical toxicity, the depletion of ground water The largest wave of suicide in history: more than 17,500 farmers a year killed themselves between 20022006 o Killed themselves because of the green revolution o Suicide genes were what the seeds called o Farmers: growing cotton, make money, go buy seeds, but then crop failure and cant buy seeds the next year, so they go to the bank and ask for a loan (not getting one), then money lender, buy their seeds, but debt increases because they were not selling their crops (no money, no crops) so they killed themselves (out of desperation) o Drank pesticides to kill themselves Deccan Development Society (India) where professor did his work o Hard to grow stuff there o NGO trains women to be farmers and selfsufficient o Grow an indigenous grain (millets?, mallets?) dont need water o Women are illiterate and cannot write (make videos of their lives) CHAPTER 6 Economic Systems
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